Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dear friends,

Have you ever thought of the dimensions we live in ? Probably you will say we can see 3 dimensions along 3 axes that even we interpret through a two dimensional vision and a corresponding perspective projection for third one.

Now, if I say that our life, the whole cycle of earth has many more dimensions. Like another measure of unified dimensions is "TIME". You will say that I m mad. But it is true. Just answer my 2 questions..

1. Have you ever felt at a particular instance, that the incident that is happening to you has already happened ?

2. Have you ever felt the variability of time during your life? Like many times it happens that just 1 hr sleep feels as if you slept for a long time and many times it happens that a long sleep does not make that sense.

The reason to this is the variability of dimensional space. The time cycle do exist and we do not travel that symmetrically. We call it symmetric just because the human brain has the habit of adapting. We adapt what has happened to us.

The variability depends on the movements of the huge bodies across the space. It does happens that we get some premonitions before the event actually happens. This is due to the sudden transitions accross the human subconcious human brain.

A normal human uses a little part of his brain. That much part is able enough to distinguish between the primary dimensions but not accross the timeline dimension. Some people have even that section of brain active. This results in the another unbelievable property called "SIXTH SENSE".

At the time we sleep the brain transfers the control to the other sections. The neural network inside the brain gets partially inactive. The transfer of control gives access to another part that can scale rest of the dimensions. Now, the level of transfer makes the movement speed on the timeline. The rest of the part which we use in the normal life stays partly active and we get the images based on their state. We interpret these as dreams.

One can even handle the interdimensional access intentionally. But that needs a lot of concentration. A human brain is damn subconcious and it is very difficult ro maintain that global state of neural network for long.

It might be possible that this all feels as stuff to you. But it is something which is set on belief. It may take some time but it will come up through scientific declarations.

If u feel it interesting or you have any other informations you want to share with me, i am waiting for your mails and posts.